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Thursday, 06 April 2006



I don't swatch for socks, but only because I've figured out the right number of stitches on either 0s or 1s for the yarns I use most often. New yarns or patterns like Jaywalkers I have had to rip out. But I figure the time I spend swatching equals the time I spend on the toe of a toe-up sock, so it works out taking the same amount of time.


hey, of course I don't really know since I have only started to work on a pair of socks but there is a socknitters@yahoogroup.com
that talks about all kinds of things related to sock knitting, most of which I totally don't understand but there are some amazing people there that I'm sure could answer your question. I'm sure H will look dashing in his new sweater! love ya, p

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